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Cryin Coyote Ranch, or CCR in most Sorting Circles, invites you to participate in one of the largest, organized chaotic, out of the box, sarcastic, trend setting, and most of all JUST PLAIN FUN sorting venues..east of Catalina Island!

Actually located at Hidden Shores Resort, right on the Colorado River 20 miles north of Yuma Arizona, 4 times a year, Ranch Sorters gather to compete as well as donate in 4 different divisions. We fill up fast..so drop us a line for more info!

For those of you who already know about us, we have the entry forms set up above as well as if you're looking for partners.

Thanks for listening...now SADDLE UP!

Cryin' Coyote Ranch 2-Man Sorting Series
2015/2016 Season Dates

  • November 20-22,2015
  • January 15-17,2016
  • February 19-21,2016
  • March 11-13,2016 FINALS!